Soda Pop Culture 

The super-charged sound of the Spice girls, the fresh prints of Bel Air - the 80s and 90s were fearless and fun, overflowing with scrunchies and zigazig ahs. Born in Marbella during these defining decades, Jess soaked up every last drop of its sartorial sass, and twenty years later, she quenched our thirst for a revival of retro with Soda Pop, where neon-hues and funky patterns fizz with the sex-appeal of 90s couture. This is a high-octane reimagining of her past pinups, clothing for the modern-day Pamela - a woman who will wear hip-grazing spandex, and tell you what she really, really wants. 


The Spandex Store 

It was 2003, and armed with a degree in fashion design from Madrid’s Istituto Europeo di Design, Jess started her own atelier out of a tiny shared studio, producing made-to-order dresses and theatre costumes from scratch. A few years later she interned in the rarified realms of haute couture; amongst the tulle and taffeta of Giambattista Valli, and in 2007 she moved to New York, where she achieved an internship at the threeASFOUR studio. It was in New York’s fashion district that Jess was struck by the inspiration for Soda Pop... Standing in The Spandex store, immersed in an abundance of print and pattern, Jess was reminded of the pop culture pinups of her youth. Amidst an expanse of brightly-coloured elastane an idea was conceived, and Soda Pop was born in the Spandex Store. 


Your Local Creative Dealer
Jess’ personal style is deliciously eclectic. Whilst she’s got her fair share of 80s and 90s t-shirts, the ease with which she can move from a kimono,  to motocross pants, to 1950s dress, is truly baffling to those of us stuck in a ‘jeans and a nice top’ rut. But we shouldn’t be surprised, because, true story, Jess is an OG creative... The daughter of an art collector, Jess was gifted with an innately artistic eye that sought out inspiration from all of life’s adventure, effortlessly remixed into a style that is timeless and unmistakably 'Jess'. She leaves this unique fingerprint on anything she touches… 


Inspired by the nail art mania of Manhattan, Jess returned to Madrid in 2012 and launched Ghetto Nailz. Tiny canvases for her artistic expression, Jess' nail art is the perfectly fluorescent accessory to any Soda Pop ensemble, with her signature patterns and playful sense of humour emblazoned on every talon. If you live in Madrid, lucky you. If you don’t, you’re going to need an extremely steady hand…


Onto some larger real-estate - her spectacular murals - just another mind-boggling example of Jess’ ability to decorate the drab. Bland walls become vibrant oases laced with fantasy, a hyper-reality where candyfloss clouds and hot pink Cadillacs float above turquoise mountains and exotic plants. Jess has said that if she wasn’t a designer/artist, she would be a botanist or an astronaut. If she were, these gravity-defying lands may well be where she’d wander.

by Harriet from @bocagrandecontent